Tips For Troubleshooting And Fixing Garage Door Opener Problems

If your home's garage door opener is not working, then you can take some simple steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Thankfully, most garage door problems can be easily repaired without assistance from a professional garage door installer. 

Use these tips to troubleshoot your garage door opener's problem and fix it yourself:

Tip: Check to Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener Has Working Electrical Power

If your garage door opener doesn't appear to be working, the first thing you must check is that it has power. The constant vibration caused by the garage door's operation can cause its plug to become loose in the electrical outlet. If this is the case, putting the plug back into the outlet will restore the opener's function.

Tip: Check to See if the Problem is With the Garage Door Opener's Control Unit

If you are trying to open the garage door using the control unit inside of your garage and the door won't open, then the control unit might be faulty. You can confirm this if the door opens with the remote but will not open with the button in your garage. If only the remote opens the garage door, then you will need to have the control unit professionally replaced.

Tip: Check the Garage Door Opener Has Power and the Remote Has Charged Batteries

If you are trying to open your garage door using the remote and nothing happens, then you should check to make sure that the remote has charged batteries. If you replace the batteries and the door still doesn't move, then the remote likely has become damaged and needs to be replaced.

Tip: Release the Garage Door and Ensure It Still Moves Freely Up and Down

Once you have verified that the garage door opener has power, then you need to check the garage door itself. To do so, pull the release cord on the garage door opener and verify that the door will still move freely up and down. If the garage door will not open or close correctly, then there is a problem with its springs, tracks, or rollers.

If a roller has come off of its track, you should put it back on. If a track has become warped, then you can straighten it or replace it with a new one. Finally, if there is a problem with a spring for your garage door, then you should have it professionally replaced by a garage door contractor.