4 Things To Consider When Replacing A Garage Door

A garage door is a staple for any home in America. Some people even enter their house more through their garage than their front door. They always just count on it being there and working when they want it to. However, if your garage door needs replacing, it can cause quite the headache. Here are a few things to think about when a garage door replacement is imminent. 

1. Think Before Fixing It Yourself. Many a handy husband has met their match in a garage door replacement. It looks so easy, right? It goes up, it goes down, what's the big deal? The hidden mechanics of the garage door make for a day-long project at least, with many parts and special tools required. If you hire someone, you may lose a couple hundred dollars; however, the whole procedure will be completed in about 4–5 hours, with the old door being hauled away in the process. If you do decide to do it yourself, keep your fingers clear. The most common injury with garage doors are fingers being smashed between the panels, ending in pain and quite often amputations. 

2. Replace The Garage Opener As Well. Usually the machine that serves as the garage door opener lasts as long as the garage door itself. It can be a hassle to install, so often people choose to replace them together. Many times you can purchase the garage door opener from the same dealer that sells you the new garage door. They may even have package deals for purchasing them together.

3.  Wood Vs Weather. Men and women alike have been wowed by wood doors for years. They look so beautiful and rustic. However, if you are not willing to do the maintenance to keep them looking that way, they quickly become worn and haggard. When purchasing a door, discuss the upkeep with the dealer. Spending extra money on the maintenance is likely to keep the door in top functioning shape for many years to come.

4. The Heftier The Spring, The More Hefts You Will Get. The mechanism of opening and closing the door is controlled by a spring that is wound. Sometimes these springs can be quite pricey, but the more bulk, the better. You may want to invest a little bit in this area, since the stronger the spring, the more lifts you will get out of your garage door. It is wise to put in the money to get a well functioning garage door.