Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

Every homeowner recognizes the importance of their garage door because it provides easy access to a home. Unfortunately, most people neglect their garage doors until they start showing signs of wear and tear. As a responsible homeowner, you should service your garage door regularly to avoid unexpected repairs. Conducting regular maintenance is one of the best ways to extend the life of your garage door

A neglected garage door can be problematic and can fail when you least expect it. Luckily, you can avoid the inconveniences of a neglected garage door by following these maintenance tips. 

Lubricate the Garage Door 

Garage doors have plenty of moving parts that require maintenance. If these sections fail to move efficiently, your garage door might fail. Fortunately, you can keep the moving parts functioning as they are supposed to by applying a lubricant. Consider applying something similar to WD-40 lubricant on the door hinges, rollers, pivot points, and locks. Here are some benefits of applying a lubricant on the moving parts of your garage door:

  • Protects your door from rust and corrosion
  • Displaces extra moisture
  • Removes oil and dirt
  • Keeps part moving smoothly

Tighten the Hardware

Homeowners tend to use their garage doors pretty often, meaning that the hardware will come loose after some time. While it's difficult to notice this problem, you should keep checking all the bolts and brackets to ensure they do not come loose. If you notice that some hardware has come loose, you should tighten it as soon as you can. Be careful when tightening the bolts, as you can end up damaging the door if you overdo it. 

Clean the Tracks

Your garage door requires clean tracks for it to open and close smoothly. You should ensure that there is no dirt, leaves, or grease blocking the door's path. Cleaning the track is pretty easy, as you only need to use a cloth. Some people prefer to vacuum the tracks before wiping them down with a wet cloth. 

Replace the Weatherstrip

Your garage door relies on the weatherstrip to keep water, ice, and snow out of your garage. If the weatherstrip happens to be damaged, you'll find your garage flooding often. You need to ensure that the weatherstrip is in good condition. In case it appears to break off, call a garage door repair expert to replace it. 

Other tips you can use to maintain your garage door include:

  • Examining the cables
  • Performing a balance test
  • Testing the safety features
  • Having your door inspected regularly