Garage Door Repairs And How To Handle Them Safely

Residential garage doors are heavy, and the system used to open and close the door may malfunction over time. Garage door repair is often best left to a professional service that can adjust the door, repair damage, or fix an opener that is not functioning correctly. 

Garage Door Issues

Amount the many things that can happen with garage doors, some of the most common are easily fixed with a few adjustments or replacing worn or damaged hardware. The tracks that support the system can twist, bearings in the door rollers may wear out, and brackets on the door may loosen over time. 

While none of these repairs is overly challenging to deal with, they often require some knowledge of the system so the door and all the hardware are square and run through the tracks correctly. A garage door repair service is typically the best choice for making adjustments and repairs because they work on these systems all the time and know what to look for, where to make adjustments, and how to ensure the door will function correctly. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

Residential garage doors use tension springs to counter the weight of the door when opening and closing it. Garage door repair services can replace the springs if they become weak, crack, or break.

The amount of tension of the springs makes working with them dangerous, and most door manufacturers do not recommend a homeowner replace the springs themself. If the spring slips or breaks during installation or removal, the results can be catastrophic, and the potential for injury is extremely high.

If you see a crack or break in the springs above the door in your home, call a garage door repair service, and they will evaluate and replace them if necessary. Weak or broken springs can cause the door to not operate correctly, but they need to be replaced and tensioned right to ensure the problem is remedied. 

Structural Damage

Garage doors that have damage from an accident may require several new panels to fix the door. Most modern doors have replaceable panels, and the patterns used are close enough that you may not be able to tell them apart. 

The local garage door repair service can help you source the panels you need, remove the damaged parts, and install the new panels for you. When they are done, the door installer will adjust the entire door system to ensure that it will function smoothly and you can use the door without issues. For more information on garage door services, contact a company near you.