How Winter Weather Affects Your Garage Door Opener

The chilly temperatures that often come with winter can have major effects throughout your entire home. But nowhere are these effects felt more than in your garage. Near-freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on not just your garage door but also your garage door opener. The following highlights some of the effects that cold winter weather can have on your garage door opener. Extreme Cold Can Slow Your Opener Down Take a look at your garage door opener on a particularly chilly morning and you may notice that it runs a bit slower than usual. Read More 

6 Things To Consider When Selecting A Garage Door Replacement

A garage door is a fixture that typically gets used every day in a home. Therefore, garage doors need to be carefully selected to ensure everyday convenience and reliability.  There are numerous factors you need to consider to choose the best possible replacement when you are have a new garage door installation done. The following are six things to consider when you're selecting a garage door replacement: The design A garage door is often an important focal point of the design of the front of a home. Read More